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WIP Wednesday Week 3.

The problem with being a perfectionist is the tendency to procrastinate and not get anything finished. I have this need to do everything as well as I possibly can and not being able/have time to write the amazingly long and detailed blog posts with loads of photos makes me become stuck - I seem to think that if I can't give my best it's better not do anything - which is of course a wrong way to think if you ever want to get anything done. I have been inexcusably lousy when it comes to updating this blog of mine. I keep making excuses about the baby keeping me busy and rather spending the little free time I have knitting than writing about knitting. I need to change that. I will try to write more often - even a couple of short lines to keep you up to date with everything that is going on with me.

Just when I think that we finally have some kind of routine and everything is going smoothly (Theo has never really wanted to take naps but instead has slept longer during nights but I finally got him to sleep regular naps albeit short ones) and even started to brag to other mothers how nicely everything is going for us, just then the baby decided to change his whole nap-system from three naps to only two and I found myself once again trying to find a new balance in the rhythm of the day. At the same time he has started to taste real food which has made my days a bit more busy. And if that's not enough, he is also teething which makes the already messy sleeping schedule even messier. Phew!

But I have squeezed in a stitch there and a row here, and have actually finished some stuff! My Bellows cardigan is ready (I've been writing a post about it, but haven't had time to finish it - soon, I promise) and I also have a pair of socks off my needles, they are blocking right now but I'll show them to you - maybe tomorrow, if I have time for photos. 

At the moment I've been knitting my Breton pullover. I've made some changes to the pattern such as knitting in a round and adding a few rows of broken rib to the cuffs because I don't like how raw stockinette stitch edges roll up. Many of those who have knitted this pullover  wrote on their Ravelry project pages that the stripes were pain to line up when seaming so I decided to knit it in a round instead using Knitty's technique of jogless stripes, I think it works quite nicely.

Another thing I've been working on is my Florin triangle shawl (pattern by Leila Raabe). I'm almost done with the first part of it and about to start the border section. By the way, if you want to see my knitting technique check out my Instagram page (you should find it on the right side of this page, but if you can't see it, my instagram name is sari_n_). There is a short video of me knitting this shawl.

Other things I have on my needles are Truss cardigan from Brooklyn Tweed's Wool People 9 and Simple Lines scarf (the pattern is a freely available via Ravelry).

One last thing: I made banana chocolate chip muffins today and they are by far the best I've made. The recipe is from Life Made Simple, I just substituted the all-purpose flour with gluten free one. So yummy! I'll definitely be making these again, we always seem to have one or two brown and spotty bananas about to go to waste... The recipe says it's enough for 6 muffins but I got 11 out of the batch - I guess my muffin forms are smaller...


  1. The Florin shawl is beautiful! I feel the same way sometimes about blogging. Just do baby steps. For what it matters, I think your posts are awesome.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, they made my day!

  2. fabulous WIPs!! And those muffins look delicious, I love your bright kitty oven mitts.

    1. The oven mitts are from a Finnish label called Polkka Jam, I really like their designs, I also have a tea towel with the same black cats on it.


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