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I've put all my own knitting aside for a while and I'm now putting all my knitting effort to making Christmas gifts. I'm almost finished with my sister's socks, they are the grey ones on the right. The purple socks are for my mother-in-law. My sister wanted new woollen socks, she wanted them to be warm but soft and light to wear, and the color shoul be grey. So I used Garnstudio Drops Alpace for her socks. I still have to knit one pair of socks for my father-in-law and leg warmers for my other sister. I also promised a cap for my hubby, but already told him, it might not be ready in time for Christmas because we are moving and I have to pack our things as well. 


I finished the Kildare scarf by Michele Wang (pattern published in Brooklyn Tweed Spring Thaw) today. I used mustardy yellow Garnstudio Drops Alpaca held double. This is a really beautiful scarf, and I'm really happy about the result, even though it felt like it took ages to knit! At the moment I'm having a Christmas workshop here at home, and trying to find time to knit everyone's present at the same time when I should be packing our things into moving boxes. 

Starting point.

I'm turning 30 tomorrow. Surprisingly it doesn't scare me as I thought it would. Maybe because in the past few monts I have caught up with some of the stuff I thought I would have achieved by now: I got married and we just paid the down payment on our very own apartment. I also have a job that I love (or actually two jobs as I'm also a fitness instructor) and I'm really happy with my life. Of course there are things I would have different but so does everyone, right? (I could always use some extra money.. Haha) What I now look for is a bit more structured everyday life. I feel like I have much more to give than I do now. I should start to take better care of myself and set healthier goals considering my eating and excercise habits. Also now that I have my very first own home, I would like to finally decorate it the way I want (as I don't have to care about landlords and their constat demand for white walls and cheap kitchen closet doors). I also want to give mo