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10+1 Knitting Related Facts About Me.

My favorite needle size: the one that i use the most would probably be 4.0mm, but I love knitting with small needles like 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm. My favorite yarn weight is sport (I guess this goes hand in hand with my favorite needle sizes) I almost only knit with circular needles (I knit with the magic loop method). I dislike knitting with straight needles because I think the ends always bump into everything (like armrests), they don't fit nicely into a bag and our cats find the ends waving in the air irresistible. I avoid seaming whenever it's possible and often alter patterns so that I can knit in the round (one more reason to prefer circular needles) I'm not very good at seaming and I think it's boring and takes forever.  I also hate weaving in ends (doesn't everyone?). It usually takes me a further day or two to actually finish a piece after binding off the last stitch until I have finally seamed everything together, woven in the ends and attached buttons (


I'm taking a short break from packing (we are leaving for our holiday in Turkey on the day after tomorrow) to show you my newly finished Breton sweater. This one was a long time in making: I started it last year and finished only now! I'm not quite sure why exactly it took me this long to finish, the whole pullover was fairly simple stockinette stitch with some stripes, so nothing too fancy there. It just took me ages. There were a couple of things I changed about the pattern. First of all, I knitted it in a round, both the body and the sleeves (but separately obviously). I read on Ravelry that many had commented about it being a pain in the a** to try and line the stripes when seaming so I decided to skip that part as much as I could. There were the seaming of the inevitable sleeve caps but that went surprisingly well considering my not-so-great skills at mattress stitch. (I'm actually really proud of my seaming this time!) I used this tutorial from Knitty to

Theo's New Knitwear.

All of Theo's hats became suddenly too small for him. And also too hot now that spring has arrived. I had been eyeing the Kyushu hat pattern by Kuroki Knitting for a while and decided to knit it now that I had the chance. I love knitting baby hats because they are really fast to knit but at the same time as versatile as grown-up hats. This hat had a really unique eyelet sic sac pattern which was fun to knit.  Theo was diagnosed with allergy to eggs, that's why his cheeks are looking so bad at the moment. But now we know and can eliminate all things containing eggs from his diet! This was my first time knitting with Sandnes Garn Mini Alpaca, but certainly not the last one. Unlike many other alpaca yarns it was not at all itchy which is important for baby knits. The light blue color is also really cute in my opinion.  I have also finished the bunny yoke pullover I started knitting during the Easter holidays. The pattern is Sweet William by Ann Kingstone

Our Trip To Helsinki.

My husband Magnus had a business trip to Helsinki two weeks ago for 4 days and instead of just staying at home like we always do, Theo and I decided to go with him. I haven't been anywhere for almost a year now, and baby-T has only been to our home town some 100 km away so it was high time to do some traveling. Also, we are going on a holiday to Turkey in the end of May so I wanted to go on a little "practise" trip before that to see how everything works with a baby (for your information: quite well but everything takes about twice as long).  I used to live on this street! The brown house at the end of the street used to be my old home! It was fun to be back in Helsinki! In case you didn't know, I used to live there for 6 years while studying, but it's almost 8 years already since I moved away. After that I've been there to visit friends or on business trips myself and never really had a lot of time to just walk around and see the sig