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WIP Wednesday Week 4.

All my good intentions about updating my blog more often went down the drain when I caught the flu that has been circulating around here. There was a time when a slight fever and a sore throat would have meant a Netflix marathon with loads of sofa time and hours and hours of knitting - BUT - motherhood doesn't ask if you are sick or not, it's a full time job no matter what. Things are looking up now though, since I'm feeling better already and baby Theo has finally got his first two teeth (yay!), so I'm hoping both of us are back to our normal happy selves soon! I haven't finished any of my current WIPs but instead I've been casting on some new stuff. Every now and then I get this huge need to start a lot of stuff at once but not having the necessary concentration to work on any of them for more than a couple of hours. I've finished the second sleeve of my Breton sweater since last week and started the hem of the body. I haven't, however, gotten

WIP Wednesday Week 3.

The problem with being a perfectionist is the tendency to procrastinate and not get anything finished. I have this need to do everything as well as I possibly can and not being able/have time to write the amazingly long and detailed blog posts with loads of photos makes me become stuck - I seem to think that if I can't give my best it's better not do anything - which is of course a wrong way to think if you ever want to get anything done. I have been inexcusably lousy when it comes to updating this blog of mine. I keep making excuses about the baby keeping me busy and rather spending the little free time I have knitting than writing about knitting. I need to change that. I will try to write more often - even a couple of short lines to keep you up to date with everything that is going on with me. Just when I think that we finally have some kind of routine and everything is going smoothly (Theo has never really wanted to take naps but instead has slept longer during nights b

Theo's Octopus Pattern.

It's been a while since the last time I published a pattern, but here we go! It's a small knitted toy I made for Theo, and I think it turned out really cute so I wrote down the pattern so you guys can also make your own octopus! I knitted the octopus with cotton yarn so it doesn't matter if Theo sucks it or spits on it - it can easily be washed in 60 degrees C. I filled the head with some polyester filling and added small pieces of cellophane so that it will make a slight rustling sound when Theo touches it - that's something he really likes. Theo's Octopus pattern is now on Ravelry so go on and grab yours! Here's the LINK TO THE PATTERN! The pattern includes instructions for making curling i-cords.