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Our home is still a mess and a chaos. I’m still waiting for our sofa to arrive. It’s kind of a key piece in our living room, so I can’t put anything else in their places before I see where I want it to go. Magnus has been planning to build some book shelves himself, so that’s another important element I’m waiting for. Everything feels like a giant puzzle where you have to put the pieces in place in order: I can’t get the boxes away from our living room because the books in them need to go on shelves, but for Magnus to be able to build the shelves we should remove the old wall papers and paint the wall first. And for the sofa to fit in our living room, the boxes should be gone. So I guess the first thing I should do is go and decide the paint for the walls. The paint color didn’t feel important when we moved in; I thought I would have a lot of time to think about the color scheme. It always comes down to the little things… In the past few weeks my time has been consu

More mittens.

The Burnham mittens and the Guernsey wrap  are ready. The cold weather continues so I started on another pair of mittens, this time I’m using Michele Wang’s Knoll pattern. The yarn I used for the Burnham mittens was maybe a bit too light-weight for the current cold weather so I’m now knitting a bit chunkier mittens with two strands of yarn. I’m knitting with an old skein of Novita Florica that I found from my mother’s stash a couple of years ago: it’s been dyed with natural plant dyes, in this case with mint. The yarn is 100 % wool, and I combined it with 100 % alpaca yarn from Garnstudio (DROPS Alpaca shade camel beige 0302).   Also on my needles is the Stonecutter sweater that I have been itching to knit ever since the patter came out. The cable work is quite intricate and craves a lot of attention, but I love knitting aran so it’s fine. I’m using Garnstudio DROPS Lima in Light Gray (9010).  The pattern is also by Michele Wang. Both patterns (Stonecutter and