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Happy New Year!

The year 2015 has been filled with lots of love, tears (both of happiness as well as pain and tiredness), personal growth and leaving working life for the time being to be a mother. This year has been mostly about the baby, first expecting him and then getting to know him and growing to love him more than anything in this world.  There were also sad moments: we had to say good-bye to one of our family members by rehoming our cat Milla and receiving news about our eldest cat Otto's incurable dementia. This year we have faced the hard times of the life with a new-born baby: the constant tiredness, sleepless  nights, a few visits to the children's hospital and the hopelessness you feel when you have absolutely no idea what to do when your baby is sick. But looking back, the good times totally out-weight the bad times, and 2015 will definitely be a year that will stay in my memories. I haven't had much time for knitting after Theo's birth, mostly I've b

Christmas Knitting.

I hope all of you have had a peaceful and happy Christmas holiday! We have been enjoying time with our families with way too much chocolate and lots of laughter. Now that everyone has opened their Christmas gifts so I can finally show what I knitted! I didn't have time to make anything for my parents but I promised to knit them socks anyway, they'll get them when I have time to finish them. (I'm using the Rye sock pattern by Tincanknits, it's such a great pattern and I love how they fit!) I knitted hats for my sisters, the younger one got a white and beige Laurus hat (pattern by Dianna Walla and it is freely available via Fringe hat along) and for the big sis I knitted a Bror hat ( pattern by Hege Klaseie ). I used Drops Nepal for both hats, and for the contrasting sections I used the last remaining leftover pieces of Novita Alpaca Wool. (Both photos are posed by me before giving the hats away.) And for my one-year old godson I knitted a hat

Relax Pullover.

Another giant project is finally off my needles!  I started this sweater in July when I was still pregnant and it has taken me forever to finish! Even though it's such a simple and understated garment knitted mostly in Stockinette stitch, the loose fit means there's quite a lot of fabric to knit. Also the needle size is quite small (3.5mm) so that makes the number of stitches to knit uncountable. I'm extremely happy about the result so it was definitely worth the effort! I knitted mine using two lace weight yarns (one white, one black) held together to get a nice marled effect. The result reminds me of the noise TV screens used to get when I was a child. In Finland we called it "snowfall". The only change I made was to knit the pullover in a round. The math behind calculating the side details and increases when knitting in round was really easy. I don't think that the lack of side seams makes any difference.  Now I just need to wait for warmer


Like I've written earlier (many times) this was one giant project and had I known how much work it would be before I started, I probably would have picked something else for Magnus's birthday present. Even the pattern states in its introductory text that " this is a long-haul project, so knit it for someone who's good company over the miles ". Magnus is, so I guess the pullover is a perfect fit. This was my third year in a row making him a sweater for his birthday, and it's something I'd very much like to make into a tradition. I started to make him a pullover the first year we started dating, but apparently the Swedish speaking Finns believe in a " sweater curse " which means that if a girl knits her boyfriend a sweater before they are married the relationship is doomed for sure. Magnus's mother and sister were dead set on not allowing me to finish the pullover, and Magnus had to wait another 7 years for his first me-made sweater.

First Look: Magnus's Jackdaw Pullover.

(Drum roll....) I'll write more about it soon, just wanted to show it to you since I'm so happy and proud of it!

WIP Wednesday and a FO!

You who follow me on Instagram already know this but I have actually finished Magnus's birthday pullover, hooray! It was probably one of the most time consuming and ambitious knitting projects I've ever done, and I already told Magnus that next year he will get something that was knitted with big needles and heavy yarn. Or maybe a hat. But it's done and it looks really great! And the non-birthday boy was really happy and pleased with it. Even though his birthday was 92 days ago... so I was horribly late with my gift. I already joked that I should probably cast on for  his next present immediately so that I might be finished on time for his next b-day...  This is such a nice pullover. And incase you forgot, the pattern is from Brooklyn Tweed's BTMen Volume 2 collection and it's the Jackdaw by Norah Gaughan . I used medium gray Drops Baby Merino for it. I'll show you more photos as soon as I get Magnus to model it for me (hopefully this weekend; the da