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My Knitting History.

Here's the first thing I knitted after reintroducing myself to needles and yarn: a little sweater for baby-Otto. This was almost exactly 11.5 years ago. I was an artistic and crafty child. I preferred sitting still with a coloring book or glue and glitter to running around. I liked quiet time, water colors and reading books, and I could sit for hours in total silence with my My Little Ponies and just organize and decorate their home; I preferred preparing the play to actually playing it. I loved legos, clay, stickers, paintbrushes, crayons, pearls and just about anything you could either draw with or on or use for any other crafts. I didn’t like team sports or ball games, and when I was told to play outside I was mostly just fascinated with leaves, flowers and other plant parts (especially acorns), bugs, shells and colorful or shimmering rocks. My mother says I always had my pockets filled with my “treasures” which often ended with my clothes to the washing machine (rocks

Simple Lines Scarf.

First of all, thank you for all your comments on my previous post! For some reason I'm not able to reply to the comments, every time I try the whole site gets stuck. Which sucks. But I really appreciate them all. It was nice to hear that you guys feel the same way about knitting and I really love the mutual support in the online knitting community, the love spread between people is just amazing!  This scarf has been on my needles for quite a while, and no wonder, after a quick calculation I came to the conclusion that I have knitted 85.624 stitches and gone through 1 kilometre and 272 meters of yarn to get this thing off my needles. Definitely worth it if you ask me. This will be something I will love and cherish for years to come.  The pattern is from Temple of Knit website and is freely available. You can also find it via Ravelry.  I used baby alpaca silk blend yarn for this scarf, which is immensely soft and gives the fabric a nice shine. I continued knitting

In The Rhythm Of The Needles, There Is Music For The Soul.

"Properly practiced, knitting  soothes the troubled spirit and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." - Elizabeth Zimmermann Like I wrote in my last post I've been spending quite a lot of time in hospital lately. To make the trips easier for me I've usually taken my knitting with me. For me it's been easier when my hands have had something to do instead of just sitting there idly. It made me think about the therapeutic side of knitting. For me knitting is so much more than just a hobby. I've often written here that knitting is my meditation, it's my escape, my calm place. A thing you might not know about me: I used to battle depression in my early twenties after a long illness and I think that it's something that will always be a part of me, something that never really goes away. I guess I have a tendency for melancholy even though I nowadays consider myself a happy person. I thought long and hard whether I should share this deta