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About Me.

I've been writing this blog for over two years now, but I realised I have never really properly introduced myself over here. When I first started out I had no expectations (I was actually convinced that no one would want to read this and I considered it more like my personal diary) but I have been so lucky to have you all as my readers. I've never actively really advertised this blog of mine, I've more just let it live its own life, and I think most of you have found your way here through Ravelry.  After I made my Instagram account public, I've been able to interact with you guys in a whole new way, and I'm loving it. The things I publish on my IG account are in a way more personal than this blog, especially now that I haven't had as much time for it as I would have wanted and I've mostly only written about my knitting WIPs, but I wanted to change that. Not so that I'd made my IG account less personal, but by telling more about me on this blog.

Truss Cardigan.

I've finished another thing this week, namely the Truss cardigan. Which I love by the way! I really like the fit and the simple details on the sides. And the subtle gray yarn I knitted it in (I'm not sure if you can see it in the photos, but the yarn consists of lighter and darker threads of gray plied together, which gives it a softly marled look). I mentioned in an earlier post that I did some modifications for the sleeves. Here are the change s I made compared to the original pattern: I picked up the stitches for the sleeves from the body and knitted them seamlessly from the top down in a round (I didn't think the seams were necessary since the body didn't have side seams either).  I then finished off the cuffs by slipping the stitches on two needles - all the k stitches on one needle and all the p stitches on another - and used kitchener stitch to graft them together, this mimics the tubular cast on quite well in my opinion. I also picked up more

Theo's Winter Onesie.

It's finished! I love it! However it turned out too big, but he will grow into it. Better that than too small... I used leftover yarns for this one, and they all are different shades of Drops Baby Merino. I underestimated the need for the dark gray yarn and needed to buy more, so now I have about as much of it left as I had when I started, but it doesn't matter, I'm sure I will find use for it. I was afraid I'd have to buy more of the lavender as well, but I had just enough and there were even a few meters to spare: If you have missed the post where I wrote about this project earlier, let me bring you up to date. The inspiration for it came from a mystery-sock-KAL by a Finnish blogger, called Muita Ihania (you can find the original pattern here ). I had just finished my Arne&Carlos socks so I didn't feel the need for another pair but I loved the pattern and wanted to do something with it. So I decided to use it for a knitted onesie.  I used the L

Florin Triangle Shawl.

You know when some flavors, smells or sounds can bring back memories? The same often happens to me with my knitting. That's why I love buying yarn when I'm traveling (I can relive the memories over and over again while knitting with the yarn and then wearing it). And that's why I can't part with the woollen socks I knitted on our honeymoon, even though they already have holes in them and the white yarn has become discolored in an unlucky attempt at washing them.  That's also what happened with this scarf. But now in a good way. I started this shawl when we were still trying to decide what to do with our cat Milla, and I knitted it to calm my nerves when we drove her to her new home. After that I couldn't touch the project at all. It brought back too many painful memories. So in the end I decided to unravel the whole thing and use the yarn for something else.  However I liked the design and wanted to knit one after all so in January I started it a

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've Decided To Become A Shawl-Kind-Of-A-Person...

...because I want to knit (and wear) shawls like this: and this: and this: The shawls from the top:  1. Paris toujours by Isabell Kraemer 2. Sunwalker by Melanie Berg 3. Lemmy K. by Isabell Kraemer (Photos borrowed from Ravelry)

WIPs Week 5.

We've been enjoying some really amazing and sunny winter days, just the kind of weather that made me start to become a winter lover (I'm usually more of a warm weather person). Of course that didn't last and now we have rain fall, melting snow and extremely slippery streets. However, I enjoyed the bluer-than-blue skies and the snow shone like a thousand diamonds and made long walks with the stroller.  But I have done some knitting as well! Let me show you what I've been up to this week! I've continued on my Truss cardigan and have the body now ready. I started with the first sleeve, and since the cardigan has dropped shoulders and the sleeves have no sleeve caps, I decided to knit them top down by picking the stitches straight from the body. I'm also knitting them in a round instead of flat as in the instructions. I prefer them this way because the body doesn't have side seams either. I've also been working on the Florin triangle, an

Vanilla Socks That Are Anything But Vanilla.

For me if something is described as vanilla I immediately associate it with something pale, off-white, most likely with very a mild smell and taste, something that is very neutral and non-offensive to anyone. Basically something that is pretty but has no character and is slightly blah. So even though the pattern for these socks is called Vanilla I think the result is anything but. Ever since I first saw this colorway of the Arne&Carlos Regia sock yarn collection on Instagram last summer I knew I needed to get my hands on a skein or maybe even two. I wanted to use it for a  simple sock pattern to showcase the yarn - I don't like self-striping yarns with cables, the result is often a bit messy and you can't see either, stripes or cables, clearly. The Vanilla socks pattern is for a pair of very basic toe-up socks with after-thought heel. Nothing fancy but just the right pattern for this yarn in my opinion. And since the yarn is self-striping and -patterning as I m