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Life In A Baby Bubble.

Dropping by to tell you that I'm still alive even though my online existence has been reduced to a minimum lately and also wanted to thank you all for the well-wishes and congratulations, it all means a lot to me. We had a bit of a setback with the baby's health and had to spend a few days extra at children's hospital. Nothing life-threatening - the baby just needed some antibiotics and because he's still so very small and young they wanted to keep him at the hospital under supervision. We got to go home after a couple of nights and had the nurses dropping by at our house every morning and evening to give the baby his medicine instead. Luckily he's doing fine now, we are of the meds and finally get to start "a normal life" and learn the new routines. I still haven't got anything finished to show you but I've been working on the striped scarf I started as something I could take with me to the hospital. I had read somewhere that knit

I Haven't Had Time To Knit...

I haven't knitted a stitch for a week now, and here's the reson: Our little baby boy was finally born last Friday at 3:57 AM weighting 3825 g and measuring 51 cm in length. He's the cutest and the most adorable little guy we have ever seen and we are already completely in love with him.  We are all doing fine over here, although we are quite exhausted after everything that has happened. The labour was quite hard on me with the contractions starting on Tuesday night. The whole ordeal took almost exactly 4 days. We got home from the hospital yesterday in the afternoon and are now trying to get used to the newest member of our little family and the routines of our new life. I just wanted to let you know that we are the happiest and luckiest new parents of a beautiful baby boy. I'll try to write more as soon as possible.