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Skiff Hat.

I have been feeling totally swamped by the monstrous sized knitting projects I have on my needles, (Relax pullover and Jackdaw pullover) that seem to just drag on and on and on and never ending so I needed something small and quick on my needles for balance and to get the high you get from binding off that last stitch and wearing what you have created. So I went back to my favourite source of inspiration, namely the wonderful BT Fall 14 collection (I want to knit every single piece in that collection, and I've already knitted 5 out of the 16 patterns - Hawser , Docklight , Hutchin , Ondawa (that had the little accident ) and now Skiff). This is another great hat pattern by Brooklyn Tweed. I love the cables and the doubled brim! I used Drops Merino Extrafine for it and it such a pleasant yarn to wear, so smooth and soft and not at all itchy!  Because I've noticed that my head is smaller than the "norm" (most of the hat patterns always turn out to be t

Apple & Almond Tosca Pie And Why I Haven't Been Updating.

It's been a bit quiet here on the blog for a while, and I'm sorry about it. My mind has been a bit elsewhere lately and the short time I've had for myself has been dedicated to some seriously needed relaxation - on some nights I've even been too tired to knit if you can believe it! After all, I always say knitting is my meditation! First baby-Theo was sick. We still don't know what was wrong with him but he was just screaming without any apparent reason. We even had to spend one night at the hospital because they wanted to have him monitored to find out the cause. The doctors think that he might have had a bad reaction to some vaccinations he got earlier in the week, or maybe his little tummy ached, we don't know for sure. It's so hard when they are so little that they are not yet able to tell you where it hurts... He's fine now, so don't worry about him. After that Magnus was away for a business trip for several days and me and Theo wer

WIP Wednesday Pt. 5.

These are the projects I've been working on this past week. Quite a boringly gray palette, maybe the cloudy November weather has had some impact on my mood...  I've picked up my Relax pullover again after a few weeks break. It's something I started back in July (when I was still pregnant) and sometimes I wonder if I ever get it done. The loose fit means a-lot-larger-than-your-normal-sweater dimensions and lots and lots of stitches to be knitted. I'm using Drops Lace in black and white to get a nice marled effect.  Another monster project of mine is the Jackdaw pullover I'm still working on for Magnus. I've finished the front now, so I've made some progress since last week. I've also already seamed the shoulders but still have the sides left. (I hate seaming!) So only the sleeves and the collar to be done, and maybe I will actually finish this one fine day! I'm thinking about knitting the sleeves in a round and two-at-a-time, but haven

WIP Wednesday Pt. 4.

I've mostly been working on the Jackdaw pullover. I've actually made some progress even though it seems to take forever. I made an "end of the year resolution" today to finish it by the end of the year, which seems totally achievable if I don't spend my time knitting everything else but. I'm just a few cm short of separating the front for neck shaping (I've knitted see more after taking the photo below.) I'm also knitting the Skiff hat from BT Fall 15 collection. I still think it's my favourite Brooklyn Tweed collection, but then again, I'm a sucker for cables and fisherman style pullovers. I'm making the hat version with the longer rim and I'm about half way through with the ribbing.  But wait, I've actually also finished something: the test knit I was knitting for Arohaknits, remember the Tapatoru Cowl ? I had it for a test run today and it's just about the perfect thing to slip under your coat on a windy autumn day