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Neldoreth Socks.

Neldoreth Socks Pattern: Neldoreth by Rich Ensor (Knitty free pattern) Yarn: Novita Pikkusisko #010 off-white Needles: 2.5 mm Size M These were my third Socktober socks. I was searching for sock patterns on Ravelry when I came across this pattern and it ticked every box for me. First of all, I was looking for something to knit with fingering weight yarn. I also wanted to knit something that was quite minimalistic but still elaborate, with no fair-isle knitting and no lace. I wanted to knit the socks in off-white Novita Pikkusisko I had in my stash; I had previously used the same yarn for another pair of socks - my Rumpelstiltskin socks - and wanted to use it again. I really like the white Rumpelstiltskin socks because they are not your typical woolen socks but look very delicate. They can be worn even with a bit fancier outfit like when you are visiting people and I wanted another pair of socks like that. The second reason why I loved this pattern was that I

Anstruther Hat.

Anstruther Hat Pattern: Anstruther Hat by Erica-knits Yarns: Main color Pirkanmaan kotityƶ Roosa Nauha Sukkalanka #58 gray Contrasting colors Pirkanmaan kotityƶ Roosa Nauha Sukkalanka #54 salmon, white Novita Pikkusisko & Garnstudio Drops Baby Merino 13 Navy Hurray! The hat is now ready. I love it. Thank you, Erica! The size is perfect so my gamble with the needle sizes paid off. It knitted up faster than I thought: I think it took me longer to finish the ribbing than what it took to knit the whole fair-isle section. The pattern was well written and really easy to follow. The fair-isle section was also easily memorized, at least one row at a time ;) I changed my mind about the colors I was going to use for this hat. I had previously chosen a light gray yarn as the main color, and off-white and two different pink yarns as the contrasting colors. But it started to look way too candy-floss like for my taste so I unraveled a bit and started again with combinat

Trellis Scarf.

Again: a yarn bought a long time ago and intended for something else than I actually ended up using it for. I can't even remember what I was going to knit with it. I'm knitting this scarf with Garnstudio Drops Alpaca in shade #2925 rust . I used some of it for the Dessine Moi Un Mouton sweater, but that was only like 10 grams of the total of 7 skeins I had. Even though I can't remember the initial reason why I bought the yarn, lately I've been planning to use it for a scarf and when I came across the Trellis pattern I knew this was it.  This scarf is one of those projects that aren't even in your Ravelry queue but when you see them you immediately know you have to make one. I mentioned earlier that I was knitting the striped crew socks and I spotted this design on the instruction page on the Purl Bee website. It was at the end of the instructions labeled as "Other posts you might enjoy" and I thought " Don't mind if I do! " And be

Honey Cap - Written Pattern.

I've been asked to provide a written version of the Honey Cap's charted section . Here it comes. This is my first time writing a pattern in this way so please tell me if you find mistakes or anything else incoherent.  Round 1: [1/1 RC, 1/1 LC] three times; p 1, 2/2 RC, p 1, 2/1 RC, k 1, 1/2 LC, p 1, 2/2 LC, p 1; repeat until end of round Round 2: k 12, p 1, k 4, p 1, k 7, p 1, k 4, p 1; repeat until end of round Round 3: [1/1 LC, 1/1 RC] three times; p 1, 2/2 RC, p 1, k 7, p 1, 2/2 LC, p 1; repeat until end of round Round 4: same as round 2 Round 5: ssk, [1/1 RC, 1/1 LC] twice, k2tog, p 1, 2/2 RC, p 1, k 7, p 1, 2/2 LC, p 1; repeat until end of round (8 stitches decreased) Round 6: k 10, p 1, k 4, p 1, k 7, p 1, k 4, p 1; repeat until end of round Round 7: k 1, [1/1 LC, 1/1 RC] twice, k 1, p 1, 2/2 RC, p 1, 2/1 RC, k 1, 1/2 LC, p 1, 2/2 LC, p 1; repeat until end of round Round 8: same as round 6 Round 9: ssk, k 1, 1/1 LC, 1/1 RC, k 1, k2to

Anstruther Hat and Mittens.

I got the patterns for the Anstruther Hat and Mittens from my lovely and talented Ravelry friend Erica. You can check out her blog here . I spent a couple of days on deciding the perfect color-combination for them and ended up choosing white and two different pinks with light gray as the main color. I really like the design; it reminds me of traditional Scandinavian knitting, but there are also some really nice details such as the lacy cuffs of the mittens. I broke my promise of not buying more yarn until my stash has substantially diminished. But I thought it's OK if I use the yarns right away and don't stash them at all. And since the promise was made only to myself and no one else is involved it's not like I'm hurting anyone by buying a couple of skeins. Actually in this case it's quite the opposite: the yarns that I bought are called Roosa Nauha which translates as the Pink Ribbon and part of the money from every skein sold goes to breast cancer awaren


It's been a long time since we've had a weekend without any plans and nowhere to go. I tried to suggest going to movies but there wasn't anything interesting to see (we live in a quite small city and there's only one movie theater so we seldom get anything else than those big Hollywood blockbusters...) and Magnus has been feeling a bit under the weather, I guess he caught some kind of small-time autumn flu, so we ended up just staying at home and did nothing special. Instead I had time to focus on my knitting and actually made a lot of progress.  I finished the Docklight sweater earlier in the week after I got the missing skeins in the post. I had also ordered more yarn for the Aurora scarf; I used that yarn over the weekend as well only to notice it still wasn't enough and I'm now some 15 cm short of my intended length. I need to order one more skein... Blah.  I also finished the striped socks I've been working on and started a new scarf pr


Docklight Pattern: Docklight by Julie Hoover Published in Brooklyn Tweed BT Fall 14 Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Cotton Merino  shade #22 dark green Needles: 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm I like the basic design of this sweater. But even though it looks simple there was a lot of technique included and I learned a new stitch in the process: the brioche style "single shaker stitch" which is something I've never done before. I really like it. It makes the fabric thicker and kind of squishy and it looks and feels really nice. The simple lace sections give the sweater a bit of something extra, some character . Despite hating seams and rather knitting in the round, in the hindsight I probably would have wanted to knit this in pieces and flat. I had some trouble with the purl stitch before the lace sections: it didn't matter how tight I tried pulling the working yarn the stitch was always much looser than the others. This didn't happen when I knitted back and

"How Do You Find Time To Knit?"

This is a question I've heard many times. And as often it's formulated as a statement " I don't have time to knit " either suggesting the speaker would like to have the time but they don't or that they are wondering if I have any other life but knitting. And it's not just knitting it relates to, as people also use the same "excuse" for not exercising, reading or doing other things they would like to do or think they should do. People don't want to say they are lazy and that's why they don't exercise enough; it's so much easier just to state " Oh, I would like to go to a Zumba class as well, but I don't have the time! " " It's easy for you to say, you don't have kids! " is another phrase I hear often. An old acquaintance of mine even went as far as to say " I've been wondering what you do with all your time since you don't have any children! " I tried to tell her I still ha