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WIP Wednesday pt. 2.

I haven't had much time to knit this past week. We were away for the weekend to visit friends and family and the baby got a bit of a cold during that trip. He's had a runny nose and that's why he's been fussy and sleeping somewhat restlessly. I'm also still waiting for my yarn order so every project that I'm out of yarn of is still on hold. Except the Dessine-moi un mouton sweater : I managed to pop in the yarn store to get the one missing skein last Saturday before we took off for the weekend. Magnus and the baby were waiting in the car so I didn't have to worry about the whole stroller-vs.-steps-issue. My Dessine-moi Un Mouton sweater is only missing the second sleeve, so it's soon ready! So the only things that have progressed this week are my Relax pullover (I think it's name comes from the relaxed fit but I also find the long rows of Stockinette stitch quite meditative) and the aforementioned Dessine-moi. The weather keeps gettin

Apparently Washing Machines Have A Separate Wool Program For A Reason.

The baby spat up on me and all over my Ondawa pullover . So I decided to put it into the washing machine. We do have a specific wool washing program but I was trying to save time and be super efficient by washing other clothes at the same time so I just used the normal 40 degree C program. A big mistake. (Or should I say a small one judging by the result?) It shrank! It's tiny! (And not just because I'm still carrying quite a lot of baby weight!) I tried stretching it out but that didn't work, so I guess it's a farewell to this one as a pullover but I'm still hoping to reuse it as a pillow cover; we'll see how that works out. And now I have a good excuse to knit another Ondawa.

WIP Wednesday.

Since I don't have anything finished to show you, let me tell you what I'm working on at the moment. I felt really restless during the last weeks of my pregnancy and it made me cast on for multiple projects, none of which I had the ability to concentrate on for very long or the time to finish. So now I'm trying desperately to find time to knit and finish everything I have on my needles so I get to work on new projects (I have so much inspiration but too little time to knit!)  Another reason why I haven't really finished anything of late is that I seem to have run out of yarn for almost every project I'm working on. I placed an order for more yarn last weekend and now I'm just anxiously waiting for my packet to arrive. I have to rely on online shopping because I haven't been able to go to a yarn store because of the baby: there are some steps to get to the store and I can't manage them with the stroller, and I don't feel comfortable leaving t

Making The Toughest Decision.

My heart is breaking because we have to let go of one of our cats, Milla. She has been a part of our family for 8.5 years - almost as long as me and Magnus have been together. And I know you shouldn't play favorites but I can't help it: she's my favorite cat of all time. However she hasn't coped well with the newest addition to our family - the baby - and she has been in a constant state of stress ever since the baby arrived. That makes almost 6 weeks now. She has started to pee around the house probably to mark her territory - twice on a carpet, 4 times into an armchair (always the same one), once on a towel that had fallen on the floor and now into the baby's car seat (lucky thing we could remove the cushions and wash them). We took her to the vet earlier this week to make sure there was nothing physically wrong with her, such as urinary infection or bladder stones, but the vet told as that she was perfectly healthy and it was all probably just down to

Walk Along.

I started this already in July but after the birth of the baby I haven't had as much time to knit as I used to so I only finished it late last night. I'm really happy how it looks (even Magnus commented that it looked really good, and he doesn't usually pay that much attention to what I'm wearing). I especially love that light shade of gray and the fake seams that go down along the sides. I followed the pattern as it was except for the contrasting parts where I added a "rabbit face lace" pattern. I saw tempolinse had done so on her pullover and thought it gave the otherwise quite plain garment just the little bit of extra it needed in my opinion.  Walk Along Pattern: Walk Along by ANKESTRiCK   Yarn: Garnstudio Drops Baby Alpaca Silk shades #8108 light pearl gray & #100 off white Needles: 3.0 mm


OK I guess I'll have to give up any lingering hope that I might finish Magnus's birthday sweater in time because it is today and all I have done is about 20 cm of the back. Knitting a sweater for his birthday is becoming a tradition (this is the third year in a row) as is not finishing in time. Somehow September 9th comes always sooner than I think taking me by surprise (you'd think I would know my calender by now at this age, haha). The date feels really autumnal and during summer I always feel like it's really far away and I have plenty of time. And then on the last week of August or so I suddenly realise: shit, his birthday is just a few short days away and I haven't even started to knit his present! So this is going to be the Jackdaw  from the BT Men vol. 2 collection. I'm not sure when it will be finished, might happen that it is his Christmas present instead of birthday if my knitting tempo is anything like during the past month... Oh, on

Shibui Knits FW15 Collection.

While waiting for the new Brooklyn Tweed Fall 2015 collection to come out next week I have fallen in love with the new Shibui Knits collection. I have only one word to describe it: perfection. BT collections usually get all the hype, but this one outshines them in my opinion! I can't remember another collection that was so well put together and all the pieces complement one another perfectly. The collection is also very classic and minimalistic but the pieces all have some kind of twist to keep them interesting. The patterns are all designed by Shellie Anderson. Out of the 10 pieces in the collection 8 made it straight to my (already too long) Ravelry queue. I also love the styling of the photos and the colours they have chosen for the pieces. The rusty brown yarn is especially to die for! Emboss (photo via Ravelry) My absolute favourite and the one that caught my eye and led me to the rest of the collection was the Emboss coat. I'm so in love with it and pl

Striped Scarf.

I have actually finished something! (Actually I finished it already a week ago but only now had I time to take the photos...) And just in time for the cooler September weathers. This scarf is now officially the only project I finished during August. I hope I'll have more time to knit (and blog) during this month as our life with the new baby is now finally starting to become more routine and I'm slowly getting the hang of this whole being-a-mom -thing :) Can you believe the baby is already one month old? The pattern for the scarf is called L.1 by Antonia Shankland and it is available for free via Ravelry. I changed the Stockinette stitch to moss stitch (elongated seed stitch) because I didn't want my scarf to start curling. Another small modification I made was to leave out the fourth color and use the color B for the ends instead.  One more thing: I ended the scarf with 4 rows of color C followed by 28 rows of color B instead of the last 3 stripes in the ori

September 2nd.

How I feel today. Exactly a week ago we were still enjoying hot August sunshine and eating ice cream in the park, and today I had to wear my trench coat for the first time this fall. And a woollen jumper underneath it. And a scarf. Magnus even added a woollen cap to the mix. Yesterday I was so excited about sweater weather but today I'm already longing for the summer. PS. The photo is borrowed from  Majasbok's Instagram feed. I love her illustrations as well as her passive aggressive style of humour. 

Hello, September!

It's the beginning of September and summer is now officially over. The weather has taken a turn for colder which feels bittersweet: it feels nice to have cooler evenings after the hot August, but at the same time it's sad to see the summer fading away. The summer is over before it really even began. June and July were unusually cold and due to my pregnancy we mostly stayed at home and didn't do anything special. And even though we had amazing sunny days during August, after the arrival of the baby the time has just flown by and the days have blended into one another. The baby has grown a lot, I can't even seem to keep up how fast he is gaining length, weight and strength. This little blue cabled cardigan was huge on him when we took him home from the hospital but it seems to fit him perfectly now. Just in time for September and sweater weather! P.S. You can find my translation of the baby cardigan pattern over here !